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A highly important component of ancient Maya religious thought is divination. In this the Maya are basically no different from other civilizations. Here is a review of divination in various world cultures as a preface to Maya Divination proper.
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We know of the Classic Greek who relied on a number of oracles for to make important political decisions, the most famous Greek oracle being that of Apollon at Delphi, the ancient Pytho.

Several thousand prognostications from this oracle have come down to us. The best known perhaps is from 480 B.C. and concerns the strategy of how the Athenians should face the threat posed by the Persian king Xerxes who had set out, with a formidable fleet and army, to invade the Greek mainland and take their city.

The image to the right is the design on a cup from around 430 B.C. that shows the Greek Goddess of Justice, Themis, in the sanctuary of Apollon at Delphi.

Seated on the famous tripod of the oracle - priestess Pythia, she reveals her prognostication to King Aigeus who is in want of a son and heir to his throne. Museum of Antiquity, Berlin.

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