T H E    M A Y A N    S T E L A
(Remember your important events with a Maya Calendar dated document)

Your custom-made Mayan Stela is a beautiful drawing that will immortalize those special dates you want to remember as they are written in the Maya Calendar.

The ancient Mayans remembered their important events by building stone monuments called stelae. We find many of these centuries old stelae still standing today in the Maya cities all over the Mayan World. Carved in stone, the stelae always have the date they commemorated and described the occasion using Maya glyphs and numbers. more...

As you can see in the image to the right, the custom-made Maya Stela built by the Maya World Studies Center is a drawing that follows that ancient tradition, and adapts it to our time, so that you may also use it as the Maya did.

With the corresponding Maya glyphs and numbers, the stela drawing will show the date you wish to commemorate according to several Maya Calendars.

On the top portion of the page of your Maya Stela drawing, we may place, as a title, under the heading: "This Maya Stela Commemorates", one line of text that you provide us, for example: ("Birthday of Jane Auburn", "Jenny's Graduation", etc.). Underneath your special motive, we print the Stela's date, that you provide us, in the calendar globally used today, and beneath, the Maya Long Count date written in numbers and letters.     

The custom made Maya Stela is finely made in full color and excellent detail. It will print very well on clear letter size paper, using whichever color printer you have available. Once printed the whole page may be framed. It is also a unique gift to Email to your loved ones to remember those special dates we all have.

Only 2 easy steps to order your Maya Stela now!

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in the box below, please write the date you want to commemorate, (DD.MM.YYYY).
Also, if you want, please write for us one line of text which will be placed as a title on your stela.
Your Maya Stela will be sent attached as a .pdf file to the Email address you wrote on the window above,
you can print it on any letter size paper (11.00 by 8.50 in - 279.4 by 215.9 mm), or resend it by Email.


Now go to Paypal and send to our Paypal account ( contact@mayacalendar.com )
your $11 USD contribution we ask for the building of your personal Maya Stela.
When we receive your Email order and contribution your order will be confirmed by Email.
The Maya Stela will then be built using the information you provided us above.
It will be saved as a .pdf file and sent to your Email address.
When you receive it, print it on any clear colored letter size paper or Email it as a gift to someone else.
It is that simple! Remember your important dates on a Maya Stela as the ancient Maya did centuries ago.

Thank you for your cooperation!!

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