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View The Maya Stela
The Maya Stela (custom made). The Maya commemorated important events by building stone stelae. These always had the date and described the occasion with Maya glyphs and numbers. The custom Maya Stela made by the Maya World Studies Center is a print that follows that tradition. The stela is printed in full color on letter size, gloss finish, quality stock. The stela shows with the corresponding Maya glyphs and numbers the date you wish to commemorate according to several Maya Calendars.

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View The Maya Calendar
The Maya Calendar by The Maya World Studies Center (Centro de Estudios del Mundo Maya)), in Yucatan, Mexico, is an exclusive document whose graphically enriched text presents valuable information about the calendars used by the Maya in a way anyone can understand.

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View the Maya Vocabulary
The Maya-English-Spanish Vocabulary published by the Maya World Studies Center, is a trilingual vocabulary and not a dictionary. The book's objective is to facilitate the knowledge of equivalent words in three languages and is useful to tourists, merchants, students and scholars that require this information. The book contains a selection of 5,300 most useful words in Maya with their most common meaning in English and Spanish. To facilitate rapid consultation, the words are indexed alphabetically in each of the languages.

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View the book Chichén Itzá
Common Birds of the Yucatan Peninsula. A guide to identify the most common birds of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is calculated that there are 546 species of birds in Yucatan, representing 75 families and divided into two general categories: resident and migratory birds, which reproduce and remain in the region throughout the year; and migratory birds, which only visit the region at certain times of the year. This guide includes 132 species chosen from amongst the most common, and 14 of which are endemic, that is, found only in the Yucatan Peninsula. For ease of identification, they are divided into three groups: water birds, land birds and passerines.

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View the book Maya World Archaeology
Maya World Archaeology. This excellent book takes the reader on a journey through the Maya World with its descriptions of 75 archaeological sites in Southeast Mexico and Central America which come alive with more than 340 photos and illustrations. Some of the themes covered by the book are: Origins, History of Maya Civilization with a chronological table; The Maya World, Landscapes and ecosystems plus flora and fauna of the area; The Ancient Maya, Daily life, art and architecture; Maps, A gatefold map of the Maya World plus 27 maps of the major archaeological sites.

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View Tales and Legends of Ancient Yucatan
Tales and Legends of Ancient Yucatan. Ermilo Abreu Goméz (1894-1971) wrote excellent tales and novels about the ancient and modern Yucatan, where he was born and lived. This book complements two of his other books, "Canek" and his version of the sacred Maya book "The Popol Vuh".

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View the Ancient Maya
The Ancient Maya. Maya culture evolved mainly in the Yucatan Peninsula. The remarkable development of Maya culture (which included the creation of a hieroglyphic language, extremely precise calendars and a unique mathematical system), has given rise to many enigmas and to an even greaten number of research programs from all over the globe to unravel them.

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View Let's Learn About Maya Gods
Maya Musician (English / Spanish). This coloring book published with titles in English and Spanish will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The drawings of the Maya musicians in the book are reproductions of original inscriptions and carvings thus they have all the fullness of expression that this unique culture gave them.

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View The Maya Calculation Assistant
Maya Calculation Assistant Poster published by The Maya World Studies Center (Centro de Estudios del Mundo Maya), is a calculator (matrix table) used by the Maya in their mathematical operations which also teaches the use of the Maya numerical system. As centuries ago, again today the Maya Calculation Assistant's main purpose is to ease the execution of mathematical calculations such as multiplication, squaring, division and finding a square root, similar to the abacus of other cultures.

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Maya Land Map
The Maya Land Map Poster, a full color Map-Poster encompassing the Maya Land. The ancient Maya inhabited a territory extending over 400,000 km2 in the Mexican states of Yucatan, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Chiapas; and the republics of Guatemala, Belize, and parts of Honduras and El Salvador. The Maya Land map is a geographical representation of this area, showing highways, archaeological sties, natural beauty spots, historic cities and facilities, among other features, with appropriate illustrations of each place.

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